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 Panama Vacations: Packages & Vacation Deals 
Red Frog Beach offers amazing Panama vacation packages in Bocas del Toro. Guests have so many tour and activity options, and all inclusive deals, our staff can direct you to the activities to make the most of your vacation to Panama and get the best vacation package deals available. Our staff can arrange your vacation package so you can focus on relaxing and having fun rather than dealing with "trip logistics." Whether you want to be pampered and enjoy the special deals of an all-inclusive vacation package or simply enjoy a quiet Panama vacation to yourself, you have come to the right place.

We offer last minute Panama vacation package deals by either staying in an unoccupied private Villa or in a private suite at our Jungle Hostel. For deals on simple getaways or all inclusive indulgences that include surfing, ziplines, snorkeling, or tours-- look to Panama's own Red Frog vacation packages.

All Inclusive Panama Vacations
Our vacation deals can also tailor an all inclusive vacation to Panama for you and your family. Eat at our two restaurants, Palma de Roca on the Beach and Kayukos Island Lounge. Enjoy the beautiful Panama beaches and have your meals prepared for you in an all inclusive vacation package. Some of our all inclusive vacation package deals may include housing, quiet beaches, meals, and activities. Take advantage of an all inclusive package deal if you want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about the details. Our all inclusive vacation deals will make your trip to Panama one to remember for a lifetime.



Price: $285/night, 4 People ($50 for each additional person, kids under 12 free)


           Includes: Luxurious Private Villa, Private Pool, Snorkel Gear and Boogie BoardAirport pick-up and water taxi, Personal Concierge to arrange customized tours and personal cell phone.


This Vacation Package is ideal for short term stays. Enjoy gorgeous views from the porch of your own private hilltop villa. The Red Frog Beach & Rainforest Resort has 2-3 bedroom homes for rent that can serve as a spectacular jumping off point for you and your guests to experience the beauty and natural serenity that Isla Bastimentos has to offer.  With walking access to 5 different beaches and miles of rainforest, Bastimentos has something for everyone.  Take advantage of the complimentary snorkel gear and boogies boards and walk to the beach of your choice.  After a long day of activities and exploring, unwind and take a swim in your own Villa plunge pool.  Our Bocas del Toro all inclusive package includes the features listed above, along with complimentary airport pick-up and boat transportation to the island.






Price: $245/night, 4 People ($50 for each additional person, kids under 12 free)


Includes: Luxurious Private Villa, Private Pool, Airport pick-up and water taxi, Personal Concierge to arrange customized tours and personal cell phone.  

Ever get that feeling when a vacation becomes more of a chore than a getaway?  Sometimes we schedule so many activities ahead of time that we end up looking at our watch rather than enjoying moment.  Take advantage of that moment on the beaches of Bastimentos with this Bocas del Toro Vacation Package.  Enjoy your own hilltop villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea that comes equipped with a full kitchen.  Come and go as you please with the freedom of cooking your meals at your own pace.  If you want to experience the exotic outdoors, there are once-in-a-lifetime-tours that can be arranged.  


Price: $500/night, 4 People ($50 for each additional person, kids under 12 free)


Includes: Luxurious Private Villa, Private Pool, Airport pick-up and water taxi, Personal Concierge to arrange customized tours and personal cell phone, Canopy Zipline, Cave Tour, Complimentary Snorkel Gear and Boogie Board, On-demand food service,  Maid Service (2 times per week), Welcome Grocery Package


While nearly impossible to experience all that this Bocas del Toro island has to offer in a week, the Red Frog Beach Island Adventure Package certainly can try.  This package is for the active family that is looking to make the most of their time in Panama while vacationing on Isla Bastimentos.  Each day there is a different activity to participate in.  Activities include the Canopy Zipline high above the jungle floor, to an excursion into the longest under-ground cave in Panama.  You will also have plenty of time to unwind as you relax in your hilltop luxurious private villa.  Evening meals will be prepared by our local chef.  Our Island Concierge Service will be available during your stay to help with anything you may want.



Sample vacation itinerary at Red Frog Beach:
  • Day 1: Your all inclusive Panama vacations package begins as you enjoy a good breakfast and some relaxation, and then go on a hike or a guided tour to the either Playa Caiman or Playa Larga. (This will be a great opportunity to get see the Famous Strawberry Dart Frog that has given the island its name.) It would even be possible to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a meal in a secluded cove or on a great lookout point on the property. Playa Larga is one of the longest and most pristine beaches in the area and for those who are willing to make the 1.5 - 2 hour hike, this is a very beautiful beach experience within the Bastimentos national park. Spend the rest of the afternoon on Red Frog Beach, kayaking, or lounging at your villa. Cook dinner or catch a ride into Bocas del Toro for dinner and drinks at one of the local restaurants.
  • Day 2: For the second day of your vacation package to this paradise in Panama, you might head into Bocas town for special deals on bike rentals, or take a taxi to explore the other regions of Isla Colon. There is even a bus which will take you to Bocas del Drago (the first real city on Isla Colon.) You will be able to explore some great beaches there including Bluff, Paunch, and las Estrellas, a calmer beach that is full of large, colorful starfish. Head back to the property around 3 or 4. Boat tours to the area are available as well. Later that night, as part of your all inclusive vacation package, the resort staff could prepare a beach bonfire for you and set up chairs for your enjoyment. Relax by the fire with waves crashing in the background. A great way to spend an evening.
  • Day 3: On the next day of your Panama vacation package you may take advantage of the bout tour deals, and ride to Dolphin Bay, Zapatillo Keys, and Cayo Coral. This will make for a full day of sightseeing, snorkeling (great reefs full of fish, lobsters, and corals) and exploring. Private boat tours can be arranged for a quiet vacation, or you could catch an early ride into Bocas town and get great deals on a tour with one of the local tour operators. Cayo Coral is a great restaurant for lunch and a favorite for those enjoying their vacation package to Panama. A must see while you are here in Bocas!
  • Day 4: Another day enjoying your all inclusive vacation package deals in Panama... Spend the day relaxing by the beach and catch some sun. For those who want to include more adventure into their all inclusive vacation packages, there are great deals on tours guided by people from the local community of Bahia Honda, Panama. You can see huge stalactites and stalagmites, and after you can eat at their community restaurant. This is true authentic food from this region of Panama and will be as fresh as anywhere on the islands. Often, you will be eating the fish and natural plants that indigenous people have gathered earlier that day! Enjoy the evening of yet another day of your vacation package in paradise, as you go out for one last meal and drinks in Bocas Town.
  • Day 5: The final day of your all inclusive vacation package in Panama. Upon your return to Panama City, ask a Red Frog Staff member to help you arrange great deals on tours of the City and the famous Panama Canal. Whatever you are seeking in your Panama vacation, Red Frog is here to get you the best deals on your all inclusive vacations packages, and to find the right vacation package for you.
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