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 Panama Luxury Vacations 
Be among the first adventurous travelers to experience a luxury Vacation in Panama at Red Frog Beach on Isla Bastimentos in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Here you can explore a lush jungle canopy and gorgeous beaches, then relax in your private luxury Villa that offers sweeping views of the Caribbean (you will love the views!)

If you are looking for a Panama luxury vacation, Red Frog Beach has some of the best luxury rental homes in Panama. The beaches here are widely regarded as the best beaches in Panama. Do not forget that your luxury Panama beach vacation must include time viewing the surrounding rainforest and island ecology. There are many Panama luxury vacation destinations to choose from-Red Frog Beach has the best of beaches in Panama and an abundance of accompanying rainforest activities. 

Panama Luxury Vacations
If you are looking for a Panama Beach vacation, Bocas Del Toro can offer a visitor many amenities that other Panama luxury vacations simply cannot. The location of Red Frog Beach affords a unique opportunity for our visitors to have a Panama Vacation within the natural treasures of Bastimentos Island and its renowned beaches. Simply stated, our project's preserves combined with the adjacent Bastimentos National Marine Park, maintain some of the greatest diversity of plant and animal life that can be found anywhere on earth. The Bocas Marine Park and surrounding project lands provide a springboard for activities and adventures that invite us to learn more about this ecology. Nature walks or more extensive jungle hikes are a great way to get in touch and learn about the indigenous red frog, giant morpho butterflies, wild orchids or the myriad of other species in the region. Your luxury Panama Vacation will include activities such as sea kayaking, and docent led canopy tours are other great ways to learn about the islands flora and fauna and experience Bocas del Toro.

Most Bocas Del Toro Hotels are located in Bocas town and do not have direct access to beaches. Red Frog Beach, a 10 minute boat ride from these Bocas Hotels, is a convenient choice for those trying to combine time on the beach and an adventure in the jungle while on your luxury vacation in Panama.

Panama Beach Vacations

Those who wish to go on a Panama Beach Vacation and explore Bastimentos and the neighboring Marine Park will be stunned by the dynamic coastline. Red Frog Beach and the more remote Wizard Beach, North Beach and Playa Larga offer sweeping beaches and a healthy beach break. There are several quiet luxury cove beaches that provide a more intimate setting as well. These beaches and the expansive coral reef, provide important habitat for leatherback, loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles. The leeward side of the island features smooth, glasslike waters that harbor our marina and are ideal for exploring the delicate ecology of the ocean mangrove.

The terrain on Bastimentos is diverse as well and features verdant rainforest and ancient basalt rock formations. Much of the first phase of Red Frog Beach took place on re-claimed ranch land and teak plantations. These areas include gentle upslope and meadows that are quickly reverting to their natural state. The marine park also features the largest island lake in all of Panama. A journey to this lake would also afford the opportunity to explore a large network of caves to explore during your Panama vacation. We feel that our Red Frog's "Natural Amenities" are the most compelling feature of Bastimentos and differentiate us from other Panama vacation spots. There is something for everyone at the luxury Red Frog Beach project and we hope that you will take the opportunity to take a Panama Vacation and visit Bocas Del Toro soon.

Ask about our luxury Panama Vacation Package that features a two night stay at Panama Hotels in Panama City.
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